Parallel Space-Mehrfachkonten

Parallel Space-Mehrfachkonten

Multiple accounts & Two face
11 MB
Erforderliche android-version::
4.0.3 oder höher
29. Sep 2020

Einloggen in mehrfache soziale Netzwerke oder Spiel- Konten gleichzeitig • Balancieren Ihr Leben und Arbeiten einfacher. • Verdoppelung Ihrer Spiel- Erfahrung und bekommen mehr Spaß. • Fast alle Apps sind unterstützt.

Permissions required by Parallel Space-Mehrfachkonten v. 2.2.5439

Those that potentially access the user's/ your sensitive information:
  • Access the Account Service list
  • Access user's contacts
  • Write contact data without reading them
  • Read calendar info
  • Enter the calendar data without reading it
  • Get a network access to the approximate location
  • Get an access to the current location from the network-based resources
  • Access phone state without changing it
  • Activate a phone call with a dialer confirmation
  • View the user's call log
  • Manage outgoing calls
  • Entrer the log data without reading it
  • Access SMS messages
  • Manage and record incoming SMS
  • Deliver SMS messages
  • Access microphone
  • Capture photos and videos
  • Include voicemails to the system
Permissions rarely used in Personalisierung:
  • Access the user's Internet bookmarks and history without changing them
  • Modify network connectivity state
Commonly used:
  • Access the current list of running apps
  • Save files to external storage
  • Access data stored on external storage
  • Prevent device from going to sleep
  • Create a shortcut in Launcher
  • Set the wallpaper
  • Alter system settings



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